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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

.not your regular gangster.

im not sure if he even tried to be one tho. they are gym class heroes, whom i think who's a bit weird but in a good sense. who are not into the same typical shit huh. their song cupid's chokehold are ruling the air for quite sometime now, and a lot of people are starting to notice them when they usually look away (example: me) they are quite different for me, for example they're in an indie based (emo/bla bla bla) label which includes paramore, fallout boy and etc which is fueled by ramen. so they hang with kids from the 'scene' and their lyrics are something else. they dont have to use sex,drug or alcohol to make a song. check them up it might be worth your while. their newest release is as cruel as children under fueled by ramen. and their video clip as fun to watch too.


Blogger Joanna said...

hey yeah i love gym class heroes. they're something diff yet addictive.

4/27/2007 8:15 PM  

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