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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

.not your regular gangster.

im not sure if he even tried to be one tho. they are gym class heroes, whom i think who's a bit weird but in a good sense. who are not into the same typical shit huh. their song cupid's chokehold are ruling the air for quite sometime now, and a lot of people are starting to notice them when they usually look away (example: me) they are quite different for me, for example they're in an indie based (emo/bla bla bla) label which includes paramore, fallout boy and etc which is fueled by ramen. so they hang with kids from the 'scene' and their lyrics are something else. they dont have to use sex,drug or alcohol to make a song. check them up it might be worth your while. their newest release is as cruel as children under fueled by ramen. and their video clip as fun to watch too.

.chick who post your hc up.

their new song just stick to my head and i'm really looking forward on getting their new album riot! they're Paramore a tennese based post hardcore band with a girl fronting them. and see the pic, i can see a couple of straight edge-ers in their band also. this is a relief for me because post hardcore music are beginning to sound very lame to me and their music just freshen things up for me. plus, good looking huh? ehem ehem. my type. hahaha lame-o

.calculate yourself out of this.

something that i just checked out. i found myself to be more into this kinda stuffs now where the typical stuff i usually listen has already worn out on me when everyone started to do the same thing and the new one just sucks. its something new, that is old that i recommend you to listen if u're into some stuffs like hmm...i dont know. just go check them out. i like their song monster hospital.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

.start angry end mad.

my ever inspirational band. their music have contributed a lot in the making of thedearlymissed. their music os somewhat different than the usual emo/rock/post hc/or etc that u usually listen. where some people look away, i tend to look deeper in their music. its complex. yeah. wish that i can write music like them.

consist of Kenny Bridges: vox/guitarErik Hughes: Bass Chris Hughes: vox/guitar Peter Krpan: Drums . hailing out from toronto, canada. their latest release is 'the red tree' which i think is so damn briliant. would say that they are really close with alexisonfire too. their vid clips also deliver their music well, their vid is also diff from ur average style too when it seem that the music really apply to the vid perfectly.

check them out. there's nothing to waste.

.waking up death itself.

yes, they're comeback kid! this band have been my favorite for years. it seems that they had some changes in the band. scott(vocal) have left the band to persue a 'normal' life and now that position has been taken bya fellow members inside CBK itself, Andrew Neufeld who is currently singing for a band called figure four. tho the debate is still going wether andrew is better or not. i would say that changes are good, and its best that people should remember what scott is also, because he contributed a lot in the band. people are moving forward so we should move along too.

so the good news, my label Cease Fire rec is trying to get FC Five back here and get Comeback kid to come with them. hopefully that will turn out great, cuz it'll be crazy if the CBK guys could get here. i mean seriously its like a dream come true. check them out. even people that is usually not so into hardcore/old skool music can accept them. damn this guys are good. and they are coming out with a new record next year on feb. cant wait for that!

Friday, October 20, 2006

.labcoat please labcoat! shheeez.

i just notice in juice that 'we are scientists' have had a show here.. they had it at zouk. so i wonder why doesnt any of my friend tell me about this. i was pissed off really bad. because i was really interested on seeing them. not that i have any idea that they're coming anyway. well W.A.S comprises Keith Murray, guitar and lead vocals; Chris Cain, bass guitar and backing vocals; Michael Tapper, drums and backing vocals. well, if you dont know them you may have seen them at 8tv with their video "nobody move, nobody gets hurt" and here it is.">" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="350">

.listen closely, i'll tell this only once.

FC five is coming here in malaysia. and in case you didnt know, they're a band from japan and they have been touring with comeback kid, bane, silent drive and a lot of other band. its great to finally see a great band such as them to play here in malaysia, cuz they've been out there playing hellfest, and playing with a lot of bands that i like.

i got the chance to play one show with them and i think that its great. if u're into old school hardcore with a twist of mordern and a sense of japanese in it, this band is worth your time to check out here they got the tour dates for their show across m'sia and singapore.

.decoder! decoder!.

starting a new one for my new hobby. writing! i got nothing else to do right now. so i think im going to post about bands and events that'll happens in the near future.

start start start!