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Thursday, December 28, 2006

.waking up death itself.

yes, they're comeback kid! this band have been my favorite for years. it seems that they had some changes in the band. scott(vocal) have left the band to persue a 'normal' life and now that position has been taken bya fellow members inside CBK itself, Andrew Neufeld who is currently singing for a band called figure four. tho the debate is still going wether andrew is better or not. i would say that changes are good, and its best that people should remember what scott is also, because he contributed a lot in the band. people are moving forward so we should move along too.

so the good news, my label Cease Fire rec is trying to get FC Five back here and get Comeback kid to come with them. hopefully that will turn out great, cuz it'll be crazy if the CBK guys could get here. i mean seriously its like a dream come true. check them out. even people that is usually not so into hardcore/old skool music can accept them. damn this guys are good. and they are coming out with a new record next year on feb. cant wait for that!


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