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Thursday, December 28, 2006

.start angry end mad.

my ever inspirational band. their music have contributed a lot in the making of thedearlymissed. their music os somewhat different than the usual emo/rock/post hc/or etc that u usually listen. where some people look away, i tend to look deeper in their music. its complex. yeah. wish that i can write music like them.

consist of Kenny Bridges: vox/guitarErik Hughes: Bass Chris Hughes: vox/guitar Peter Krpan: Drums . hailing out from toronto, canada. their latest release is 'the red tree' which i think is so damn briliant. would say that they are really close with alexisonfire too. their vid clips also deliver their music well, their vid is also diff from ur average style too when it seem that the music really apply to the vid perfectly.

check them out. there's nothing to waste.


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